A letter from our Mayor Wesley E. Sallee,

Greenwich Citizens,

It whole heartedly bothers me to have to say that Due to the ongoing “Stay at Home” order and limited people that can be gathered at any event that the Governor DeWine and Dr. Acton has put us in. I have to announce that the Memorial Day Gathering at the Veterans Memorial has been cancelled.

However, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs said there will be a way for Americans to pay tributes to veterans virtually. The Veterans Legacy Memorial website contains a memorial page for each veteran and service member interred in a VA national cemetery. Starting on May 14, the website will allow online visitors to leave a comment as a tribute to their lost love ones.

“The tribute allows visitors to voice memories and appreciation for a Veteran’s service,” the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs said.

After the May 14th decision from the Governor allowing non-contact sports to start on May 26th. There still is no direct path moving forward with the requirements. I want to make sure that even if people don’t agree with the Governors actions, we as village representative must abide by the rules that are handed down to us. We cannot by law, shorten or lessen the rules that are put on us. We are hoping that within the next few Days/Weeks we will know more on when and how the Parks can be open safely to the public for use. We have to wait and see what the requirements will be for public restrooms until then we have to keep them closed. I am doing everything I can to find ways to get our village opened back up and allow our citizens the freedom that they should have.

I hope everyone will take their time in actually moving forward and do it with the safety of not only our children but for everyone in our community.

Wesley E. Sallee

Mayor- Village of Greenwich


Source: Memorial Day 2020_Youth League 2020_1


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  • Gayle M Bovia

    Thank you for the announcement. For your information, 9 more pavers were placed this week in the Veterans Memorial. Although we can not honor these men in a social setting, we can honor them privately in our minds and hearts.

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    • Chris

      That was the perfect way to eviscerate a penny ante village mayor. We could use someone like you! Thank you for saying what we were all thinking!

  • Jerry Kramb

    Durham seems to be your garden variety putz whom nobody pays attention.

  • Greenwich Citizens

    God d*mn, that was a painful read. Proofreading and sobriety would’ve done wonders for this post. I mean, these are junior high school-level grammar and punctuation errors; totally unacceptable for a “mayor.” But, I suppose that’s what happens when you run unopposed — they’ll just throw the job at any sh*t-faced drunk who can slur his way through the swearing-in ceremony. Ya know — it’s a hard job, but someone’s gotta collect that 200 bucks (per council meeting) for shitting on things that are far beyond his comprehension and leadership acumen.

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